Take care of your packaging with Rollfrix chain.

– Reduced pressure on products
– Small curving radius
– High tensile strength

A adapted chain for sensitive products !

Secure and Protective for packaging products, the Rollfrix chain allows the handling of any stiff pack, classic or delicate, and is suitable for food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics…

Rollfrix chain : to optimize your production and reduce risk of products damage.

On conveying, products may suffer damages due to the pressure on the packages when possible accumulation. Rollfrix Chain has been created to resolve this situation and  particularly to manage the accumulation of liquid packaging like “brick”. The ideal width of 55 mm allow  mounting in place of cardanic chains having the same pitch of 50 mm and using the same sprockets. This acetal resine with lubricant, selected for its properties, gives the Rollfrix chain a very good friction coefficient and optimizes the rotation of the 4 roller rows. The very small gap of these rollers reduces the noise and the small space between  links provides a better stability for  conveyed products.

With simple design and a little dimensions, Rollfrix chain is easily cleanable thank to openwork design. Moreover, by its ability to reduce the friction effort, it may have a greater accumulation length than classic chains and allows substantial savings through reduction of production stoppages caused by incidents related to the accumulation.


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