Convoyeur courbe en tapis modulaire pour le transfert de poches BiB
Curved conveyor in modular carpet
26 November 2014
Table of accumulation in modular carpet for bottles in glass with side entry
16 March 2015
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Table d'accumulation pour sachets de pains au chocolat

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  • Type of project: Table of accumulation for bags of chocolate
  • Sector: Food – pastry
  • Type of conveyor: Aluflex
  • String type: modular carpet roller
  • Guidance system: fixed in PE 1000 green height 40 on anodized aluminum frame
  • Chassis: Profiles anodized aluminum section 45 x 90 entretoise
  • Legs: Profiled aluminium anodized 45 x 90 related
  • Engine: SEW mounted o-ring
  • Completion date: February 2015