Tralutec, hight resistance modular structure made up in aluminium profiles.

This structure, easily modifiable, has been designed to offer the greatest dynamic and structural flexibility, becoming a part in the productive context of each factory needing to move products of variable kind in the long run.

ligne-tralutec_001 ligne-tralutec_002

As usual GEMT Service has subjected this kind of system to rigorous structural tests, bringing it to a high level of perfectioning, to a high standard of reliability and eliminating almost completely the maintenance.
This conveying technology suits perfectly the pallets moving on horizontal and vertical courses, overcoming high levels of load.
GEMT Service has already in its standard structures for the specific convey of pallets, like storing, stopping, centering, transversal transfer and rotation unities.

The pallets conveying may be manufactured with a steeling steel chain with a strong frame suitable to support products of heavy weight or with a system of belts in reinforced polyamide with aluminium frames suitable to support products of lower weight.
GEMT Service besides offering a large range of structural standard products, may also realize equipments made to measure, developping directly drawings and designs of the customers or may realize special interlocking for the different production exigences.



Anycase GEMT Service will insure always the respect of the manufacturing optic of the same invariable reliability due to the long experience and passion for the quality.